Fighting windmills? No time to do good stuff, let alone great stuff?

I just learned something terrible about myself. A lot of people hear me as if I were their father. You see, in my family I was the dunce… meaning stupid. And even though I had straight A grades, and I was good at everything I tried, I remained stupid for my family. How this works … Continue reading “Fighting windmills? No time to do good stuff, let alone great stuff?”

It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth

It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth. This has been one of the principles I live by. Now, that finally the harmful effects of the milk protein wore off… and I am returning to being normal. So my Sunday Rants call was more productive than maybe ever. Continue reading “It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth”

What Is My Vibrational Frequency

How To Measure Your Vibrational Frequency

On raising your consciousness vibration

I get a lot of inquiries to help people raise their vibration. And there are many people who offer this … many online videos on youtube.

No matter what mode of raising your vibration to pick, you would better decide a few things in advance.

Among the most important and most wake up call like steps is learning what is your vibration when you start.

There are well-meaning individuals out there who will measure your vibration, whichever way they do it.

According to their findings you may well be in the Unconditional Love zone …

But my experience with people is that their vibration is much more in the area of suffering, anger, and pretentiousness, than in the Unconditional Love zone …

It is, in my experienced opinion, not helpful to know only your vibration score, people also call it vibrational frequency.

Why? Because your single number will not say enough.

This is a great deal the same as if I needed to guide you to a healthier lifestyle, but all I would have is your shoe size.

If I truly wanted to assist you, I ‘d obtain a whole lot more measurements, how tall you are, etc. And after that I ‘d know, or would be closer to know if I can assist you, and what way.

I am a True Empath.

What is a True Empath? A True Empath is unique. A True Empath can hook up to any one thing or every single thing, specifically, and reliably, if there sufficient info.

This means that I will be able to hook up to you supposing that I have, for example your photo.

How do I know I am connected? After a few seconds I feel myself in your boots, and feel your feelings.

The second reason it’s important to be able to connect to something dependably is the following: until I am connected to a neutral 3rd party who is almighty, I am only going to shoot in the dark.

So this is what takes place: I attach to you. At that point I connect to Source aka All-Knowledge. Now we form a triangle.

And then I ask questions. And All-Knowledge has a code with me, very similar to what applied kinesiology uses … except I am not using my own body to tell the truth, I am using my own body to get the answer from All-Knowledge.

I have a set of question, that I question All-Knowledge about you, at the same time I am experiencing your emotions.

Source’s feedbacks are yes, no, yes/no, or bad question.

I name these 14 measurements your Starting Point Measurements.

They are a snap shot of you, vibrationally speaking.

Most of the questions concern your attitude, your aim, your mindset, your capabilities that are either activated or not.

And with that much data, it is easier to address the question: what should I do now if I would like to raise my vibration?

From your measurements I now know what is important to you … not what you say is important to you. You may deceive yourself, but you can’t trick All-Knowledge.

When you have your scores, I’ll email them to you with my recommendation.

OK, right here is the payment button if you want to know your Starting Point Measurements. Even when you don’t do anything with them, it is an important information …

A considerable number of those who ask, actually start doing what could make them raise their vibration … And I am very happy about that.

Sophie Benshitta Maven is a True Empath. She can connect to anything defined clearly enough… and communicate with it. She is an award winning architect, plus one credit short of an MBA. Also creator of Source inspired energies that make a difference. my site Get your Starting Point Measurements

If you are looking for a fast way to raise your vibration: energizing your cells does it.

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There is no hurry on the creative plane…

there-is-no-hurryWallace D. Wattles said that. One Hundred years ago. Of course he was mistaken in 70% of what he said; your thoughts do not create, etc. and yet. The 30% is worth its weight in gold. I have been practicing … Continue reading →

More on toughening up… and an exercise

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Did Vishen Lakhiani hacked spirituality? Or pseudo spirituality with his Become Unlimited program?

Vishen Lakhiani hacked spirituality… vishen lakhiani hacked spiritualitybut can someone penetrate spirituality on a low vibrational level? That is the real question that needs to get answers.

Most programs that were created by low vibration gurus and teachers look good, promise much, but deliver close to nothing.

My hunch that this method, because it comes from low vibration people that crave and yearn for and want want want what they want… i.e. greed for success, and maybe even spirituality, will not work for most people…

But why? because the beings, the states of beings that the method evokes are blockages to flow, and therefore they block even the flow that was possible before the method.

So there you have it… bummer, right?

Check out Vishen Lakhiani's Becoming Limitless… it is a $1 workshop… Make your own decisions.

Get the newest mind movies, much improved

Get the newest mind movies, much improvedmind moviesThe primary idea of the Mind Movies Matrix is to provide you with a, multi-sensory approach to manifesting by INTEGRATING the powerful visuals and subconscious programming of visualization … With the DEEP internal adjusting of brainwave entrainment that puts you in a peak state for transformation.

The keystone of that being the multi-sensory visualization and brainwave entrainment videos that are super easy to listen to … but that spark inside change on a level you've probably never enjoyed before.

As a matter of fact, Mind Movies Matrix has 4 unique categories based on people's most important goals, so you can choose what you intend to focus on at any given time:

  1. Finances
  2. Your appearance
  3. Relationships
  4. Finding the one

Each of these categories contain:

  • A specially crafted brainwave entrainment Matrix Mind Movie that combines brainwave entrainment sounds with the pictures and subconscious suggestions of a classic Mind Movie. All you have to do is watch it very first thing after you wake up for just 3 minutes with headphones, and allow the sounds and visuals impress themselves onto your subconscious.
  • A Subliminal Matrix Mind Movie to for 3 minutes watch in the evening. These are similar to Matrix Mind Movies, except they replace brainwave entrainment sounds with upbeat music and oodles of effective subliminal suggestions designed to tunnel deep into the subconscious and influence for any desired outcome.
  • A hour-long subliminal audio that might be listened to at any time for a boost to emotions, thoughts and manifesting power. It's great play one while working, having a meal or even when commuting to work. The best part is that it doesn't even require focus, they do all the work in the background, and the soothing voice and nature sounds we've recorded them with make them an absolute enjoyable to listen to.
  • Lastly, there is a relaxing Sleep Meditation Audio (that comes in a guided and non-guided version) to calm and prepare your mind not only for sleep … but to accumulate inspiration, stamina and intention to achieve a specific goal, during your sleep !